Lakeland web designA school is more than just a school. More than gaining knowledge, a student should learn to live independently and to discover his/her hidden talents and skills. A school’s website, therefore, should be required to have a forum where the students can air their grievances to each other. A good Lakeland web design is when there is a little for everyone on your website.

About Me

You want your targeted audience—mostly students—to use your website as a platform to their social media lives. If you have visited a couple of colleges or universities around, you’ll know that students rely heavily on social media, that this is, for now, the be-all and end-all of most friendships. An About Me page is important, so your targeted market will be able to know who you are. This is one of the first elements that your market will look for when they enter your website. They need to know who you are and what you do. Parents of the students you want to attract will have to know what kind of college or university you are.


Every educational institution is rich in history. Some are so dated that their buildings look like it came from a pocketbook. A school’s website should never lack this one thing—a web page to tell the students about the history of the school. They should know who founded it, how it started, when it started, how it grew exponentially, etc. Sometimes, it is the richness of the history of an academic institution that we always look for.


There should be a platform for the grievances and the comments of your students. There will be suggestions there, too. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere that people crave for and may make them decide to enroll in your college. Many would-be students check the websites of their potential colleges and universities to make sure they are free to speak and that they are going to be heard.

Tuition information

This is what parents would always search about in your website. You need to make sure that there is enough information about the matriculation of the students in your school. Parents want to know how much they need to prepare to send their kids to your school. This is where it becomes tricky. Even if you have skyrocketing tuition fees, your Lakeland web design should be able to distract the parents enough from that tidbit of information.