If you want to start an online business, you have to think hard about where you plan to transact with your customers. Are you simple contented with transacting on social media sites? What is your mode of payment? What kind of security do you have for yourself, as well as for your customers? These things matter, so it is really more beneficial for your business if you can create an online store with good Lakeland web design where such transactions can proceed.




The most important thing about creating an ecommerce site is the security of transactions. If you are the buyer or the purchaser of the items, wouldn’t you want to be secured with your payment and the items you’re about to pay for? Would you enter your personal details and credit card details in a system that offers no security at all? The presence of a legitimate online shop speaks also about the legitimacy of your online business. Customers will feel safer knowing that there is a virtual space out there where they can go to if problems arise in the products they purchased or in the details of their financial transactions.




How are you going to promote your products and services on Facebook and Instagram? Sure, there are Facebook Ads that you can boost and there are Facebook Pages you can utilize to your business’ needs. However, these are not enough as it can only reach a limited market. If you want to widen and expand your market reach, you have to build an online shop that you can use to promote your products and services, as well as to engage with your customers.




Certain customers need direct contact with the owner of the business. They are not contented with speaking to a social media manager. An online shop allows for you to set aside a specific time where you can answer the questions and inquiries from the customers. This is your own space on the world wide web, so you are assured that your identity and your personal details are secured if in case you don’t want to share it with your clients.




We tend to trust businesses that have their own websites and presence on the internet. That is only natural because it is so easy to fool people on social media where there is almost no accountability. An actual website with your business’ address on it will assure your clients that the information they will leave during the transactions is safe and secure.