How many business Lakeland web design have you seen bringing much attention to their contact us page? If there are any, they are few and far in between. The problem with many business owners and even web designers is their failure to realize that putting emphasis on their contact us web page could lead to early success in business.

Why, really, would you try to hide the ways and methods to contact you and inquire about what you’re marketing? Yes, believe it or not, there are websites out there that actually try to hide their contact us page, or at least, don’t put enough information there on how their customers could reach them. This is the reason why your websites may seem dubious to your potential market. If you are really after their money, why are you hiding from them? What secrets are you keeping that your customers shouldn’t be able to reach you?

Make it as important as the homepage

The most important page on your website is the homepage because this is the beginning of the journey of your web visitors. Your webpage could make or break you in such a way that your customers would not think twice of visiting the other web pages or would immediately cross your site and transfer to a competitor’s site. Make sure that your contact us page is easy to see and navigate through.

Provide all ways to contact you

Provide all the necessary details about your company and ways to contact you. Under your contact us page, you should have an official email address, your physical address, your landline number, your social media accounts handles, etc. It is also possible to put an organizational chart on the contact us page and publish the offices’ landline numbers. That way, it will be easier for the customers to reach out to whoever it is they need to talk with.

Use an effective call-to-action phrase

Call us! Come and visit us! Drop a hello! Make your call-to-action phrase lively and not at all boring. Make it seem like there’s something exciting in your office to see and hear if they try to contact you, even if you have no promos or discounts to offer. An effective call-to-action phrase or button will give you an opportunity to close a deal or earn the loyalty of a customer. Even before they managed to see the web address, email, and contact numbers you put on the page, this call-to-action will be the first thing they see and may even be the one that pushes them to check out the contact us page.