So you’ve finally did it. You hired a Lakeland website design firm to design a website for your business, and the whole thing has been going great. The company you hired is very professional, with plenty of ideas that you love, and the whole thing was put together with very little issues.

Now you’re left with a brand new, great-looking website, and it looks amazing.
However, no matter how great your new site looks, is it producing results for you? No matter how great your website design looks, if it isn’t producing the results that you need out of it, then all you have is the digital equivalent of a pretty paperweight.

Some people don’t like to think that the web design company they hired isn’t producing results, which makes the topic of effectivity of a redesigned site a touchy one. It’s important to recognize whether or not your newly redesigned website is producing the results that you hired the company to achieve.

Otherwise, you risk losing out on revenue and conversions from your website, which is the main goal of having a website in the first place. Here are some ways to help determine if the web design company that you hired is producing the results that you need.

When it comes to seeing the success of a site redesign, the numbers never lie. Take a look at your website analytics and see how well your site is doing in terms of hitting the targets that you’re aiming for. Take a look at the usual numbers like bounce rate, conversion percentages, and traffic sources, just to name a few. Make sure that you begin analysis right from the relaunch of the new site to make sure that your numbers are accurate.

Compare the data from your previous site to the new one

One of the main concerns for high-ranking sites, when they have their sites redesigned, is that there may be a loss in rankings during the redesign. Most websites, when they’re rehauled and redesigned, experience a drop of about five to ten percent during initial launch.

This adjustment period is normal as your website needs to be recrawled and adjusted. However, if the drop in rankings is too severe, you might have to look into different areas of your Lakeland website design to determine what’s causing the drop.