Every business has to decide what type of marketing services they should or should not invest in. The factors they use to determine their business’ marketing needs or the methods they need to pursue will differ from each other. But when it comes to Lakeland SEO services, every business owner is in agreement that this is a vital component to the building, developing, and managing a successful business.

If you’re ever wondering how to tell when your business needs SEO services, here are the situations that signify that need:

There’s a sudden dip in web traffic

If there is a sudden dip in web traffic, that is a serious cause for concern. This is especially true if your website is the primary source of your revenue. Although there are many reasons—from technical issues to Google penalizing the website—why there could be a sudden dip in web traffic, this is not a good sign and should be avoided at all cost. Without a thorough understanding of SEO and how it works for the benefit of your business, it is nearly impossible to recover from a situation like this. A Lakeland SEO professional can easily determine any website issues and help you come up with solutions to recover your site.

The bounce rates are too high

The bounce rate is the percentage of visits to your site with only a single-page view. This means that the visitor decided to leave your site after only one look at the landing page. This data will help you determine how well your site can convert visitors into customers. If you have a high bounce rate, that’s a bad thing and implies issues with your site that prevent or discourage potential customers from interacting with your business. There are many reasons for this including bad navigation and irrelevant content but an SEO agency can help you assess and address the problems.

The competition is ranking higher than you

One of the many things you need to do as a business is to constantly compare yourself to the competition. How are you faring when compared to them? If you find out that your competition is always out-ranking you in high-value keywords and in search engine results, this indicates your need for a Lakeland SEO agency. While it is possible to do this on your own by creating content with valuable keywords, an SEO expert makes the job a lot easier and more effective.