The interesting thing about running a website and having a website design done for that website is that no matter what methods you use, it’s never going to be a finished product. You’re never actually completely finished with a website’s design. This is because new tech and tools are constantly being added to the online world, and people are adding these to their to their repertoire of tools as soon as they come out.

In addition to this, in the world of website design, there are new trends being put out on a regular basis, and websites are always scrambling to keep up. While it’s not necessary that your website is on top of these trends, it is still important that you keep your site updated so that it looks more modern. But how do you tell that your website is up for a redesign? Here are some signs that might point you towards the possibility that it’s probably time for a new website design.

Your website is slow

This is a serious indicator that you might be due for a site redesign soon. There are millions of websites out there, and you’re very likely dealing with hundreds of potential online competitors. If users find that your website has nothing to offer them, then they will not hesitate to go elsewhere. One simple way to get users to stay on your site upon their first visit is by speeding up your site’s load time by optimizing it.

Your metrics aren’t looking good

Metrics tell all when it comes to your site, so if the numbers aren’t looking good, then maybe it’s time for a revamp of your site. Make sure that you check out which metrics aren’t looking good, whether it’s site traffic or bounce rate. This helps you pinpoint what you need to be working on to pull up those numbers.

Your business doesn’t match your website anymore

Your business is not meant to stay a static entity for years until you eventually sell it off to somebody. It’s meant to grow and evolve alongside you, so there may be times when your business’ core goals and ideals may have shifted focus elsewhere. When that happens, it’s important that you update your website to reflect those changes, even if it’s something as small as a change in address. The best way to win over customers is by maintaining a certain level of consistency, so it’s very important that your website matches your business.

It doesn’t work on mobile

Mobile should be one of your highest priorities when it comes to deciding whether or not your website design is up for an update. More than half of the users online are on mobile now, and your website should be updated enough to be capable of catering to this demographic.