The process of creating a Lakeland website design is a long one. Aside from deciding on the elements and the navigation, you have to take into consideration the user experience and interface. Among these steps and processes, one of the more important steps of creating a web design is setting the mood of the entire website. While it might seem like an absurd concept, planning out the mood for your site’s design is a vital step in planning out the entire site’s design.
How designers plan out the mood for a site design is simple: they use something called a moodboard. From the name itself, you can probably guess that a moodboard is a layout to help design and plan out the mood for the website. Instead of using vague buzzwords to describe what you want out of a site design, a moodboard can be utilized to bring this vision to life.
A moodboard helps visualize the general idea of what the site design is going to look like, from a creative perspective. The moodboard is a more creative step in the web design process, and includes creative elements that you or the client may want in the site design. So these elements include everything from fonts, grids, patterns, and layouts, just to name a few.
The mood board also helps you determine what kind of tone you’re going for in the design. You could be using a more formal tone, or perhaps one that gives off a more casual and fun one. All these can be conveyed through a color palette that you can display on the moodboard.
Mood Boards are an excellent way of getting a general idea of the whole design together, and being able to discuss it with the client while asking them for their own personal opinions on the designs. The moodboard helps get the ball rolling in pointing the direction for where the design is going to go, and can help avoid any miscommunication between the client and the design firm.
These help move along the design process faster, as there is already a general idea that the team can base their designs on, which provides a direction for them to take, and avoids any unnecessary second guessing.
When creating a moodboard for a site design, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other websites. We’re not saying to copy these site designs, but it helps to have a starting point on what site designs look good, and what elements you think would be a great addition to your site.
The color palette is another very important aspect of a moodboard, as the color scheme of a Lakeland website design is directly tied into the “mood”, so always include plenty of options to choose from. Remember the point of the moodboard is design, not content. So don’t think too hard about filling in those spaces, and have fun when creating your moodboard.