PRAsking questions is a good way to know the company you’re about to hire or the web designer you’re about to entrust your website to. The questions will help you better understand whether the Lakeland web design company will be able to help you meet your business’ goals. These questions will also let you see what fees should you be expecting in the future. Remember, it’s better to pay more for something up front than pay less and find out later on, you’ll have plenty more to fix and adjust.


When you receive a proposal from a web designer, everything has already been planned and thought of. But when you ask a question, you are essentially putting that person on the spot. This gives you a good idea of what they can offer you.


How much experience do you have?


You should look for firms or designers with five years or more of experience. It is important that they have enough experience in the industry that you’re into, so that they are familiar with what you will be demanding from them.


What kinds of websites have you designed?


Aside from years of experience, it’s also essential that the designers have also worked in a lot of industries. If they have worked in a number of websites—from big companies to microsites, then they would have no trouble working on the website you have in mind. If you want a retail-based website design but the company you are hiring has only worked on NGOs, then you might have to look for another agency.


Can you show me your portfolio?


It’s not enough that you know about their experiences, you have to see them for yourselves, too. A reputable designer will be more than happy to share their portfolio of past designs. They might even offer testimonials from past customers who were happy with their web designs.


How will your designs help achieve my company’s goals?


You’ll know from the answers to this question whether the designer is ready to help you succeed in your goals or if they only want to make money. Those who want to help you will answer the question with confidence and may even suggest how to make the website more progressive and successful. When a designer only wants your money, you’ll know immediately because he only wants to talk about extra fees that will be incurred.