Single-page sites are something that many used to shun before. When done incorrectly, it looks low effort and amateurish. At best, it gives the user the information that they’re looking for when utilized as an online business card for companies and freelancers. However, single page websites and how to pull off their Lakeland web design are becoming a popular minimalistic site option.
It may seem easy enough to pull off, since there’s only one page to work with, but in truth, it takes just as much work as a regular, multiple-page website would. After all, you need to present all of the information that visitors need without cramming the page or overwhelming them. It can also be easy to lay on the minimalism too much with this design trend, and you risk coming off as dull to visitors.
It’s a fine line to walk when designing single-page sites. The design has to be informative without being overwhelming, yet minimalistic enough to allow the different elements on the site to breathe.
Before deciding to go down the single-page site route, you have to make sure that your website is the type of site that would work well with this type of design. For example, if you’re an eCommerce site, single-page isn’t going to work out well. You definitely need multiple pages for the products, checkout, FAQs, and customer service options. However, if you need a site to inform users about your business, or to help create an online presence for an app, a single-page site can definitely work in your favor.
When creating a single-page site, the best way to provide the users with the information that they need without overwhelming them is by splitting up the content into smaller, easy to read chunks. This way, the content has more room to breathe, which helps users take in the information easier. You shouldn’t waste your page with unnecessary fluff content. Say what you want to say to site visitors as best and as efficiently as you can.
Another thing to keep in consideration with single-page sites is the importance of your calls to action. With single-page sites, your opportunity to convert users is very limited, so you have to make the most of what you have. By displaying your call to action prominently, you increase the possibility of user conversions. The great thing about single-page sites is that it allows the message of the call to action to shine through better because there are no other elements to distract the user.
Finally, don’t forget to optimize your site’s load time. Do not overload your Lakeland web design with unnecessary animations and videos that might increase page load time. With single-page sites, you only have one chance to make an impact with your users, so it’s important to make it count.