Many fall into the trap of launching a great Lakeland web design only to neglect it a few weeks after. The maintenance of a website can take its toll on everyone in the company, especially those who are not officially tasked to manage and maintain the site. Too many times, business owners become so entangled with the daily operations of the business, they forget to look at how it is faring online.

One of the things they have to look into is allocating a budget for the running and the management of the website. While you only need to have a web designer once to build your website from scratch, you would need a team of dedicated content writers and web managers to maintain the website and make sure that it is reaching its goals of strengthening your online presence.

In today’s web-centered age, you should never neglect the image that you’re representing to the world wide web in terms of the overall look of your website and the information that can be found in it. You cannot simply delegate the maintenance and the management of the website to someone who knows “something” about running a website as complicated as yours. There should be a dedicated team hired for the specific task of managing your business’ website. That means allocating a budget for it. That means listing it down as a company expense.

But how much should you pay your web manager? In Washington D.C. (the latest data we can get), for example, the average salary of a web manager is $110,075 as of October 2018. The range typically falls between $86,000 and $125,000. But that’s not the only thing you have to pay when you’re running a website. A small to mid-sized business website will cost $100 a month to host. Bigger websites would be, of course, more expensive. The cost of hosting the website will depend on the complexity of the site and the amount of bandwidth you need.

Then, there is also the cost of content maintenance, which can be priced at a minimum of $500 a year for minimal content updates. If your website requires 20 hours or more of content work in a month, that will add significantly to the cost of the site.

Finally, you need to invest in a program that will detect hacking, viruses, malware, and other forms of web issues. This would cost somewhere between $5 a month for backing up your data to as much as $500 a month for the whole package—framework updates, plugin and extension updates, backups, extra security, and website link review.