When it comes to internet marketing, the first thing we look at for our business is a Facebook page. We immediately signed up for an account because what’s marketing without Facebook these days, right? The problem is that we may not exactly be ready for the content and the images that we should put on your page. Just like every aspect of your business, your Facebook page must be optimized to bring success to your company.

Target the right audience and likes

Gone are the days when Facebook likes determine the “success” of your profile or your page. Unless your page is for entertainment only, millions of likes won’t get you to success. What you need is targeted likes; likes that will lead to engagement and will lead to sales. Don’t keep asking your friends and your family to like your page unless they will engage on it. You need to target your page to people living within your area. These are your target audience and they will likely want to check out your business. Make them like your page by targeting them for your Like ads.

Use awesome profile images

It is important to have an awesome profile image because customers will associate your brand with what you’re going to use as your profile photo. But you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on design because all you have to do is to use your company logo as your profile photo. Remember to only change your profile image once or twice a year because constantly changing the photo can confuse your customers. Also, don’t put text, phone number, and website address on the photo since these can’t be seen anyway on a thumbnail.

Experiment with how often you post

There’s no clear rule in internet marketing as to how many times you need to post content. Try to experiment. Some said post once a day to remind your followers of your presence. Others said 10 posts a day are not enough. Try to mix it up and remember that the purpose is to boost engagement. You may find that fans are responsive when you post fewer times and that’s okay. The key is to test what works best for your page.

Buy Facebook ads

People hate the idea of buying ads on Facebook because Facebook is supposed to be free. But unless you buy ads, your page isn’t going anywhere. The good thing about Facebook ads is that you can target people in all sorts of categories. You can invest your money in Page Like Ads, Boosted Posts, and News Feed Ads.