There are many Lakeland web design that doesn’t seem to think publishing the prices of their products and services is good for business. But the question is, what is your website for? You have spent thousands of dollars on designing a website with good layout, themes, fonts, colors, etc. You have slaved over it with your web designer and somehow, in the middle of adding content to it, you decided to slash off publishing your products’ prices. What gives?

There is one reason that consumers see is why you cannot publish your prices—it’s because you are outrageously expensive. Why else wouldn’t you want to let your target market know how much your products and services are? Why can’t they know when you are persuading them to buy your products?

When you begin to craft your web design, don’t simply stop with the themes, the colors, the fonts, the layout, and the content. You have to think about all the information that your customers can get from your site, too. It’s not enough that you’re selling the products and services through information that will benefit them. You have to let them know how much we are talking about here and why your customers should shell out that money for your business.

Many site visitors simply leave the website when they feel that inquiring about the prices of the products and services would take time and effort. You know what we’re talking about. There are websites that will ask you to fill up a contact form just to inquire about the prices of their services. Here, you will have to reveal your personal information such as your name, your email address, etc. This is where it gets really weird. Once you open your email, you won’t only find an answer to your inquiry, but several junk mail, too.

Where did these junk mail senders get your email address? From filling up contact forms, of course. Not only that, even if you did buy the products and services of that particular website, you surely don’t want the monthly, if not weekly, newsletters that come with it? You will be subjected to that once you start giving out your email addresses to just about anyone on the world wide web.

So, instead of asking your customers to make an effort to know your prices, why not offer that information yourself? If you are truly worth it, your customers won’t made paying a couple more dollars than what they are expecting.