Have you noticed that some websites have one- or two-color schemes that they follow? The homepage, for example, would use different shades of black—from white to gray to black—while the inside pages would use shades of pink or green or blue. That’s because one of the techniques being followed today in the world of Lakeland web design is the use of monotonous colors to create a clean and pristine webpage.

There are drawbacks and benefits, of course. One of the disadvantages of having this kind of design is that web visitors might feel that there is a lack of creativity and dedication when the website was designed. On the other hand, the benefits far outweigh the negative effects of having a web design that uses only one-color scheme.

Focus on the content

Because there is not much colors or elements to begin with, your web visitors will be focused on the content of your website rather than its design. If you noticed about well-designed websites that you visit, there is a certain portion of your attention that goes to the overall design of the site when, in fact, the focus should only be on what you can find in the content of the website. This works better for e-commerce websites because the visitors will be focused on what they can buy from your website than on the other elements found there.

Easy on the eyes

Admit it, clean lines, easily-understood elements, and one or two color schemes make the website design easy on the eyes. When there are no bright colors popping up everywhere, the website looks easier to understand and navigate through. Cool colors also work best as they complement the elements of the website. No matter what your website is about, light colors make it attractive and engaging.

Faster loading time

A range of colors, animations, graphics, videos, and photos all contribute to the slower loading time of websites everywhere. Although these are all important in the creation of content, no web visitor would like to waste time waiting for a page to load just because of all the elements used on that particular webpage. One of the main things that web designers try to avoid is to pack one website or one webpage with too many elements that could lead to the slow loading time of that page. This does not bode well for the website and the business or organization because internet users have very short attention span and they could easily focus on another webpage because yours cannot load fast enough.