In the Lakeland web design industry, mistakes can cost you quite a lot. Small errors in development can cause entire pages to be unresponsive, and a simple edit can cause images from the website to disappear.
It’s no surprise that it takes weeks of testing an entire website to make sure that every single aspect of the site works, otherwise, users might accidentally stumble on an issue, and you risk losing that user. Ease of use, or usability, is a very important aspect of web design, mainly because of how it is very closely tied in with the user experience.
If a user finds your web design confusing, or it’s difficult for them to navigate the site and locate the information that they need, then that is a sure indicator that the usability on your web design needs to be improved. To help you with this, here are a few mistakes you may be making that are affecting your website’s ease of use.
Bad use of space
Many website owners believe that the best way to be a good source of information for their users is to cram as much information as they can on their websites. While it’s good to be informative, you have to remember that when users search online, their primary goal is to find the relevant information is as little time as possible.
Users don’t like it if they have to skim entire paragraphs of text to find the one piece of information that they’re looking for. Summarize your content into short, easy to read paragraphs consisting of no more than three to four lines each. Make sure that there is enough space in between lines and paragraphs so that it doesn’t look so exhausting to the user.
Ineffective search function
Remember what we said about users wanting to find information in as little time as possible? Your search function is supposed to help users with this issue, especially if your website has plenty of content to filter through. You need to make sure that your search function is easy to use, as well as efficient in providing the user with the information that they need.
Slow site load time
Users find it difficult to stay with a website that takes too long too load. If your website’s load speed isn’t optimized, then you need to look into the elements on Lakeland web design to see which one is causing the issue. You can tell if there’s something wrong based on your site’s bounce rate, which can be seen in your site analytics.