Let’s just put this out there: it’s easy to make a visually appealing Lakeland web design. We mean easy in the sense that it’s pretty straightforward to come up with a web design that, on an objective level, is visually appealing.
If you have the right combination of colors, images, and content, then a good-looking web design can be fairly easy to achieve. However, what’s difficult is creating a web design that appeals to users. One of the most common things you’ll hear as a web designer is to always put the users first, and that still holds true.
No matter how attractive your web design looks, you risk it looking clinical and generic, and not at all appealing to users. Good design will always be more memorable to anything that looks attractive, but generic. To help add a “human” element to your web design, keep these tips in mind.
Make use of colors
Have you ever heard of the Psychology of colors? When used correctly, colors can make a significant impact in how users perceive and interpret your web design. It can also subconsciously make an impression on your users.
When creating your site’s color scheme, make sure that you do some research on this and create a color palette that effectively represents your business as well as appeals to users. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, after all, the main idea here is to break away from the generic web design mold.
Use humor
A little humor goes a long way in Lakeland web design. One of the reasons why users may feel that a website is too clinical is because of the language used in the site’s copy. Throw in a little humor here and there. Use it sparingly, you don’t want users to think of your website as a joke. You can use it in unexpected places to surprise users, like in error messages, loading screens, and in some content.
But again, remember, unless you’re a humor website, you should use humor in small amounts. Also, avoid using humor that touches on issues that people are bound to feel very strongly about, such as politics, religion, race, etc.
Effective website copy will always help
Like we mentioned with using humor, good website copy can add a fantastic human element to your Lakeland web design. Avoid using generic site copy. Use your website to tell a story to your users, and use language that engages them. Say “please” and “thank you”, to empathize with your users on a more human level.