In every Lakeland web design, the homepage will require a little bit more of attention. Why? This is the first thing that your visitors will notice about your website. Without an appealing homepage, you may notice that your visitors will transfer to a competitor’s site the moment they opened your website. You’ll see the difference in the amount of traffic your site generates and how long visitors stay on your site.


If you own an informative website or an ecommerce website, you should put particular emphasis on how your homepage looks like. First impressions are everything when it comes to navigating a company website. Just put yourself in the shoes of your target market. Would you waste time browsing through a website that has an unattractive homepage? What would you gain from the inside pages if you cannot see anything unique or interesting on the homepage?




How your homepage looks like speaks a lot about your professionalism. Every business owner knows that he cannot play around with his website. It has to offer something different and unique to its customers. It will all start on the homepage, and it will show how “professional” you are when it comes to delivering the right services to your market. If you DIY the homepage, your customers will surely notice it because of the uneven and imbalance proportions of the elements. It may even be cluttered, which could further confuse your potential market.




Your website should be easy to navigate from the get-go. That means that as soon as your homepage pops open, your customers should know where to look for what they want. If they want to visit the news page or the contact us page of your website, it should be obvious to them where they need to click. That does not mean that your site has to be ordinary or designed like other sites, but it has to follow a certain formula, so that it will be easy for your visitors to navigate through it and find what they are looking for.




Once the pages have been opened, your visitors should find the information neatly. If they want to find a particular item, it should be easy to search for. There should be keywords and key phrases of the popular items you have in your ecommerce website. That would make it easy for your customers to find the items they want to purchase.