Managing that working relationship between a client and a web designer is tricky. If you’re on either side of this spectrum, you might have a hard time finalizing the terms of the contract. But probably the most difficult part to do is rejecting a proposal that has been made for your business’ Lakeland website design. If there are minor changes on the website design, then that should not bother you and you can simply tell the designer to adjust the elements you’re worried about.

What is difficult is outrightly rejecting the whole thing because it either did not meet your standards or it did not speak the kind of message that you want to send your web visitors. The moment that the website goes live, it will automatically start being tagged by Google through the SEOs you used in the content. But if this is not the kind of website you want to show your visitors, you’re going to have big trouble adjusting the elements once it went live.

The best thing to do when you’re lacking the time to adjust each element is to scrap the whole thing and start over. You can also adjust the deadline you have given the web designer (but he would have to meet the new deadline without any qualms). Is it too hard for you to reject a Lakeland website design? When the specifications of the website did not meet your standards, you should immediately tell the designer that there was something wrong with it and you cannot approve for it to go live. The designer might try to persuade you of the elements that he tried to incorporate into the web design but remember to stand your ground.

What you can do is to ask the designer to reverse the web design from the last one that you approved. Remember the design before it was finalized? Or even the one before that? These elements are easily reversible so the designer should have no problem complying to your requests.

This time around, you need to be communicative with the web designer and clearly state what you want your website to look like and why this is important to the overall success of the business. The web designer should understand why the elements are important to you. Each element that he will incorporate in the Lakeland website design is specifically tasked to attract customers, retain clients, and engage with them.