Word-of-mouth is still the most compelling form of marketing. It is still the most effective way of persuading new customers to inquire about your business’ products and services. People are still inclined to believe in a company when their friends have recommended it to them. Owning a Lakeland website design means you also have to attract customers, retain them and hope for them to talk about you to their network.

So, how do you persuade your clients to recommend your company to their friends and families? Here’s a rundown of what factors affect people to talk about your business:

Do you have a competitive pricing?

If your price is too steep, your old customers may not recommend you to their network unless you’re absolutely so good at what you do. Most people these days are looking for cost-effective service providers, which means they want value for every cent they spend on you. Sure, website design is important and businesses should not scrimp on it but it helps if you are not too greedy with your fees.

Have you carved out a niche?

What industry are you focused on? Are you more inclined to create web spaces for millennial-focused businesses like a startup tech company or an artisan café? Finding your niche in the industry will help you settle in the web design world nicely. People will know who to go to if they suddenly find themselves in need of the niche you’re in. If you want to focus on one industry, make sure you have mastered it inside and out.

Are you using cutting-edge technology?

What kind of equipment are you using? Are you using the latest cameras, lights, and audio equipment? If people are going to pay for your services, they want to make sure they are getting the best output. They also want to make sure that you’re invested in the output they require from you.

Do you have a quick turnaround?

How much time do you need to create the Lakeland website design? Can you meet the deadline set by the client? Having a quick turnaround will get you more customers because everyone likes seeing the result of their brainstorming. It helps if you can show them what they envisioned as early as possible.

Are you local?

Finally, can they find you in their locality or do they have to travel far just to get to you and meet you? People like dealing with businesses that are located in their area. They feel that they are giving back to the community by helping a local business. Plus, it saves time and it manages the logistics quite well.