One of the things that you have to consider when developing a Lakeland website design is the way you will engage with your customers and clients. Your website will be the primary platform where your customers would gather, exchange and share ideas, and connect with you to ask questions and suggest improvements. It will be your sole online media presence that will enable you to directly communicate with your potential clients. Of course, social media would play an integral part in your marketing efforts but your website would need to lead them first to your Facebook accounts.

When customers look for a business they can trust, the first thing they turn to is still Google. They still use this search engine when trying to find a reputable company that would deliver quality services. That is why it’s important that your website knows clearly what its goals are and that it can achieve it through developing a design that will attract consumers.

Inquiry forms

When your customers did not find the information they are seeking from your website, they would look for a way to contact you directly. An inquiry form would work wonders because the customers can directly message you through it without needing to open a separate app (an email app) and send you a message. They would also not need to spend a dime in calling you from the mobile phones. Texting is too unprofessional and hiring someone to man your telephone lines is expensive.


Whatever kind of materials you post on your Lakeland website design, allow your customers to comment on it. This will give them the power to let their voices be heard—to let their suggestions and their feelings about your business be part of your marketing strategy. So whether it’s an image, a video, a blog post, or a news clipping, integrate a comments section that would make your customers feel that you want to hear their thoughts.

Live chat

Some customers are plain needy and demanding and would want an answer as quickly as possible. Instead of letting them seethe for hours while waiting for feedback, you can allow a live chat on your website where employees are directed to answer queries as they come. Or if you are a small start-up business, you can do it by yourself and simply install an app on your smartphone that would enable you to answer queries wherever you may be.