When working in a creative industry like the website design industry, it can be pretty difficult to ask for effective feedback since a lot of it is usually based on the personal opinion of the person who is providing the feedback. Hearing somebody say things like, “can you make this page look more…happy?” is an all-too-familiar thing that plenty of web designers have to put up with.

While it’s always nice to hear feedback from people, it can be frustrating to receive subjective feedback that doesn’t really tell you much about what exactly needs working on the design. Everyone who has worked in the industry knows how important good feedback is, and what it can do for you and your work if it’s been done right. If this is something that you’re unfortunately familiar with, here are some tips that can help you ask for effective website design feedback.

How to ask for feedback

When you’re asking somebody for feedback, you can’t just come up to them and ask them for feedback right off the bat. You have to learn how to effectively communicate with them that you need feedback. Learning how to ask for feedback properly is an essential part of getting the kind of feedback that you’re looking for. If the person you’re asking feedback from doesn’t feel comfortable with the way you asked for feedback, you might not get the kind of effective feedback you need. Do not pressure them into giving you feedback.

Specify what kind of feedback you want

When asking for feedback, you should always be specific. Leaving your request too open-ended leaves too much potential for confusion and eventually ending up with the wrong kind of feedback. Always specify what parts of your website design require feedback, and what kind of feedback you’re looking for with these elements. Being specific saves time and makes it easier for both of you.

Give them time

You should never rush the person who you’re seeking feedback from. Doing this can result in inaccurate and ineffective feedback. Give your project enough time that the person providing feedback has enough time to properly look over your project in order to give you the kind of feedback that you need.

Ask for clarification

Once you have the feedback you need for your website design project, always ask for clarification and never be afraid to ask questions. Don’t just accept the feedback at face value, you should always probe further in order to fully understand what else needs working on for the project.