Icons are nothing new when it comes to web design. Ever since the Internet became popular, and apps were becoming an everyday part of our daily routines, icons have become an integral part of our online lives.

However, if you’re in the process of creating your very own web design, it might be tricky to figure out how to properly integrate this. Because while icons are a common sight in any website, you have to think about how these icons might affect your website’s overall user experience.

If done right, then the usage of icons can really lend a hand in improving your site’s UX. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you understand how icons can affect your web design UX.

It helps to pair typical online actions with appealing visuals

Icons are great for adding a layer of visual interest to an online action that would have been boring without it.These can work the same way as animations in web design do, in the sense that it acts as a way to engage with the users, which compels and encourages them to continue navigating through the website. Whether it’s filling out a form, or something as basic as going to the next page of the content, adding an icon can really spice things up.

Because of its visual ability, icons can be used to help users understand

Icons tend to be universally recognized because of its prevalent use in web design and development. With this in mind, you can use icons to help users understand the different features and inclusions of your products and services. Because they’re so widely recognized, users don’t have to waste any time in reading something to understand its function.


One of the biggest ways that icons help with web design UX is their immense aid when it comes to navigation. Users find it easier when there are visual cues to click on to take them where they need to go, instead of relying on purely text to go to another page. For maximum effect, plenty of web designers pair icons with a title of the icon for full navigation ability.

Tips for icon design

If you’re going to be using icons in your web design, here are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the icons that you choose are ones that are familiar to users. Remember, icons help with the navigation process, so these need to be easily identifiable.

Second, keep your icons simple. It makes it easier for users to recognize an icon if you keep it to its basic form. Lastly, always test your icons to make sure that they’re working as intended, and that users have no problems with identifying them.