Your website’s homepage is one of the most important pages found on your Lakeland website design. This is the very first thing that users will see when they access your site, and it can make a significant impression on site visitors. Think of your homepage as your website’s entrance, and they help make visitors feel more at home in your website.
Because of how important your site’s first impression is, it’s very important to consider all of the elements that are found on your website, and how they affect the overall picture. To help you out, here are some elements that you can consider incorporating into your site’s homepage.
Your site logo
Of course, your site’s logo is one of the first elements that you should consider for your homepage. Your logo is a sort of visual representation of your company, so it should be placed strategically to catch the eye. Most logos are typically located on the upper left hand corner of the page, so this is a location that you should consider as many visitors have come to expect it at that location. Your logo should stand out, so allow an adequate amount of negative space around the logo, and avoid crowding it with other site elements.
Call to action
The call to action is your site’s way of getting site visitors to convert on your website. Your main call to action should be prominent, and and should definitely catch the eye of your visitors. Try different types of calls to action and see which one is returning the highest conversion rates. It can help to use a first person voice in your call to action to better engage with site visitors.
Company information
Many visitors access company websites because they’re interested in learning more about the company and what they do. Make sure that your company’s information can be easily found and accessed, without requiring the users to click through too many links. Blogs can also be used to tell a lot about a company and the industry that it specializes in. The great thing about blog posts is their versatility and the wide range of advantages that it can provide a website. Make sure that you include a link to your site’s blog and display it prominently on the homepage.
Social proof
SIte visitors are more likely to trust a site that is highly recommended by others. Placing product and site reviews, customer satisfaction ratings, social media testimonials, and other forms of social proof are a great inclusion to your Lakeland website design and are great for building up trust.