The field of Lakeland website design is a never-ending scope of trends that come and go as time passes. While we have seen some trends that don’t quite deliver the impact they their users expected, it is important to acknowledge those trends that provide an interesting and innovative user experience to online users. Here are some noteworthy trends that we should be seeing more or in web designs.

Interesting Color Palettes

The evolution of colors in web design trends has seen a wide spectrum of color palettes. From bright, almost neon colors from the earliest web designs, to the almost flat colors that rose in popularity a couple of years ago, it is almost impossible to predict where the design trends of colors will head next. Color psychology has always played a significant role in brand identity. If you go with the wrong color scheme for your brand, you may drive away potential customers. Nowadays however, more websites are making use of bold, striking colors which catch the eyes of their users almost immediately. Another interesting color trend is the use of gradients, which make use of the bold, striking colors mentioned, and softened to a lighter hue across the page.


Big is better is another interesting trend to note in web design. More designers are making use of typography to emphasize their message. With more designers coming up with new and interesting fonts every day, the trend of using large typography and custom fonts in design is one that isn’t going away anytime soon.


Animation, not video, is a great way to convey a message to users in a short, yet entertaining manner. A recent trend in marketing can also help illustrate the rising popularity of animations in web design. More users say that a well made video on mute can be just as effective in conveying a message or setting the tone, and this has translated well onto web design. A well placed animation on your site can say a lot about your brand and can entice first-time visitors into exploring your site further.

Mobile Functionality

Mobile-first is a trend that is fast growing and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. More designers are coordinating elements to be fully functional on both desktop and on mobile, finding the right balance where it looks good on both platforms without taking anything away from the user experience.