Lakeland web designThe creation of your Lakeland web design requires you to spend many hours together with the web designer. So, even if you have already signed your contract, you may have to ask more questions about the web professional who will handle your account. It’s not enough that you know the company you chose is reputable and an expert in the field. You have to make sure that you are also seeing eye-to-eye with the designer of your website.


Interview the designer


The company will assign a web designer for your project. Don’t just settle for who they will call for your site. Instead, ask them about the different sets of skills of their designers and then choose who you think has the right skills to design your website. Don’t let the company have the upper hand on who they think should be assigned on your case. Grab that power from them and get to know the designer by setting up a meeting with him and interviewing him.


Ask for a mock-up site


After interviewing the designer and having the inkling that this is the right one for your website, ask if he can do a mockup of the design you want. Some companies allow this. Some don’t. If your company happens to be the latter, don’t fret. You can simply ask for the samples of past projects the web designer handled. You will have a good idea on how he creates the websites needed from him.


Spend time with the designer


Each designer has a different process. You’ll find this soon enough when you get to work with different designers throughout the whole process of designing, maintaining, and managing your website. If you can, spend as much time with the designer while he’s on the process of creating the draft for your website. This will help him in making sure that the website will come out exactly as you want it to.


Browse through the designer’s past projects


Your website designer should give you a list of website addresses he has worked in the past year/s. Allot a specific time to check out these websites and see if this is the kind of style you want for your own site. You will learn a lot about the designer through the projects he has worked on before. Does he have a particular style you want? Does he prefer a specific font or layout?