Not many designers know that typography or the fonts used on a Lakeland website design is one of the most crucial elements of a website. But most designers delegate this into nothing and they don’t think about the vitality of using the proper fonts. Instead, they focus on creating brilliant illustrations, stunning images, and other graphic content. But if the typography sucks, then the site will suck, too.

Good typography will make sure that your message is sent loud and clear. It will make sure that the website will deliver the right message and will communicate the content to the audience. If you choose the right typography, it will make your website successful and effective. When talking about typography, it’s not just choosing the fonts. It’s about arranging all typographical elements such as the visual hierarchy, the grid, the contrast, the whitespace, the font choice, and the font size.

Fonts show personality and become a part of your identity

Typography creates a personality and a character for your website. The fonts that you choose, the size, and the way you arrange the letters will become the identity of your website. You can either be modern, vintage, romantic, whimsical, shy, or tough by simply choosing the right typeface. Your font could be something that will be associated with you or your business. Making sure that you choose the right one is tantamount to the success of your website.

Typography determines readability

Do you know that people have a very short attention span and they like watching videos more than reading the content? That means you only got a few seconds to capture their interest enough for them to read through the whole copy. But if you hurt their eyes because of the font face that you use, you’re not exactly helping your cause here. Some of the factors that determine the readability of your content are font design and its size, the spacing, the leading, the contrast, the line length, the paragraph alignment and justification, and background.

Typography displays professionalism

All successful websites have one thing in common—they all have a very clean and made good use of the typography. A web visitor can easily tell if the site is well-designed simply by the fonts the designer used. Awareness about the right fonts to use is not just about the design. It gives you a perspective on how to treat all other aspects and elements of the website. It shows attention both to the big things and the little things that all somehow matter on a website.