When it comes to planning out the structure and specifics of your Lakeland web design. Some pages get more attention than the rest, while others are often given little less than a passing thought. This is through no fault on the part of the site owner or designer, it just so happens that some pages do require more technical attention than others.
One of these pages is the “About Us” page found on any website. The About Us page on any website is used primarily as an informative tool that educates the user about the nature of the business, as well the kind of products and services that they offer. The history of the business can be provided, as well as a little description about the different members of the company and what they do. It’s a fairly simple, no frills page that exists to give users an inside look at the company.
While it seems open and shut, your About Us page can be a significant tool into gaining a bigger following online, which may lead to a larger customer base. Don’t settle for a boring and generic About Us page, after all, your business deserves so much better than boring and generic. Here are some ways that you can design an effective About Us page for your business website.
Connect with your customers
The number advantage that the About Us page offers your business is that it gives you a chance to connect with your customers and users through your website. You should use this to its full potential by offering another perspective to your customers through this page. Use more approachable language as well as a friendlier tone when drafting the content for your About Us page. Use this page to make a connection with your users and allow them to empathize with your business and your goals.
Don’t be afraid to brag a little
Your About page is supposed to be an inside look into your business, and this should include your company’s awards and accomplishments. This page is also a way to convince your customers to trust your company, and what better way to do that than by showcasing your company’s achievements?
It also helps to include previous clients and projects that your company has previously worked on. This acts as a type of social proof and gives current and potential customers a kind of reassurance that your company provides a quality service and that other clients have benefited from this service.