A custom web design can make a lot of difference in how your website and business is perceived by customers. While going with a templated design for your website is certainly easier, it has a tendency to come off as a little generic, compared to website designs that you have a little more control over. If you’re presented with the potential to handle your website’s custom web design, it’s very tempting to go overboard and simply add in all of the elements that you want into the design.

After all, it’s your website, so shouldn’t you be given the freedom to do what you want with it? While your website should reflect the character of the business, it’s important to remember that you’re creating the design for the user, not for you. So with this in mind, here are some custom web design elements that you can use in your website and are guaranteed to work, every time.

Minimalist design

It is currently the era of minimalist design, and this style of web design is in full swing. When putting together your web design, it’s important that you design this strategically enough that all of your site elements are displayed in a way that it catches the user’s attention. One effective way to do that is by making sure that there is enough space around the content and other elements which gives it more space to breathe. This allows the user to read and absorb the information easier since there is no distraction caused by clutter.


Content is the number one priority for any website, but today, it’s important that that information is presented in such a way that it is easily processed by users. This is why websites have turned to visual forms of information, like infographics and video to educate the user. The visual accompaniment helps ease the reader into understanding the information better. In addition to being used as a way to display information, images are also used in websites effectively in order to keep the website’s aesthetic visually pleasing. It’s very important to use high-quality images if you’re going to be using images on your website.

A good color scheme

A good color scheme can really tie your entire website together, so make sure that you choose the right one for your website. Not only that, make sure that you choose a color scheme that has colors that naturally complement each other for the full visual impact. Keep the colors that you choose to, at most, three colors. Too many colors on one website are going to make it too overwhelming for the user.

User first

Of course, your entire custom web design should always place an emphasis on a user first experience. From website responsiveness to interaction, every element on the page should be designed to keep the users’ best experience and interest in mind.