There are a lot of layers to creating a Lakeland website design. It’s not just the design that has to be taken care of, but the implementation and effectivity of that design, and how well it will work for you and your customers. In addition to all the technical aspects of web design, the content on your website has to be taken into serious consideration as well. It is mistakenly believed that in web development, either written content or web design must top the other and be given higher priority.
It’s important to understand that the two are equally important because these two factors help with customer conversion and retention. In order to get an overall effective website, it’s important that both your web design and your site content work together as a whole, and not against each other. If you’re unsure on how to go about this, here are some ways that you can customize your content strategy to work with your web design.
Calls-to-action help make up a significant portion of website conversions. These conversions help you determine if your website is accomplishing what you intended for it to accomplish. This action can be anything, whether it’s to get more users to sign up for your website, or getting more users to subscribe to your newsletter, or if you’re running an eCommerce site, getting more users to buy products.
The content of your call-to-action must be clear, concise, and to the point, which is more effective in conversion results. To let it work with your web design, the call-to-action must be prominently displayed and designed to catch the users’ eye.
Social proof
Social proof via customer reviews and testimonials can go a long way in building trust with your customers. Make sure that they look attractive and eye catching, in order to give first time users that feeling that your website is trustworthy. It would help to include video testimonials and customers’ photos, if they’ll allow it, in order to give your social proof that human element.
Make sure that your design can accommodate all kinds of content
This is one important Lakeland website design aspect that really emphasizes the importance of getting your web design and site content to work together. Your site design must be designed to accommodate and adapt to new content as they are being added in, whether it is a blog post, an image, or even a video. There should be no break with design consistency as new content is being added.