Many clients want to forego content for a more gorgeous Lakeland web design. While this might sound smart at first because you want to attract as many visitors to your site as possible. But this decision could hurt your website because it would not rank high on search engines no matter how beautifully designed and laid out it is.

Content, however, is not just for the search engines. It’s also for the people visiting your site. They are there because they needed to know something about your product and your business. The least you could do is to provide that information to them.


Why do you visit a website? They are likely looking for a product, a service, or an information. To provide the information they need about the products and services that you have, you need to fill your website with content. It’s not enough that your website is well-designed. You’ve got to offer something else, too. Content will also teach the search engines about what your website has. You need to optimize your websites in such a way that search engines will know about it. That way, when people search for specific keywords, your website will come out on top.

Internal links

Internal links are links to web pages that can be found within the pages of your website. For example, you have written a content article about the benefits of succulent plants. In order to lead your visitors to the page where they can purchase such plants, you need to put internal links within the article. Internal links also help in the indexing of your website by search engines.


Keywords are used by search engines to lead visitors to your site. These are terms that best describe the services and products you have in the website. When people search for these keywords, the search engine will collect all websites that use these keywords in varying fashion. Yours should be on top of the list. The best way to use these keywords is through written content because they can flow more easily and naturally.

Calls to action

You can use content to provide a call to action to your audience. A call to action is an invitation for visitors to complete an action. The most commonly used calls to action are contact us, visit us, request a quote, add to cart, download a PDF, and call us. Adding calls to action to your site will increase your conversion rate.