Creating a whole new Lakeland web design can be a fun and educational experience, but understanding the process of how a design comes to life allows you to obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how a clear defined strategy can bring about a product that can be appreciated by many.

A good website isn’t all about how your site looks, but it’s also about how your site can showcase your products, services, and content in a way that best appeals to your customers. Below is the complete process of building a web design and how these steps work together to create the perfect site for your business.

Goal and scope identification

This is the very first step of the design process. Here, you outline what your site’s objectives are, and how the site can be designed to reach those goals and objectives. This is the planning process of how your site can be used to its full advantage, and what needs to be done to reach that point. This is very important to the overall project, because if a site’s objectives aren’t clearly defined, then the site might be taken to a whole different direction than originally intended. This also includes whether or not your site will include additional features, like an application and an email newsletters. All these need to be defined beforehand.

Drafting of wireframes and sitemap

Once the objectives and scopes are fleshed out, it’s time to draft the sitemap and wireframes. A sitemap works as the blueprint of the site. It outlines where you want to put specific pages and features, how these will function when selected, and how these elements work together as one. A wireframe is a rough draft of the visual aspects of a site, and how these visual elements might work together on an aesthetic level.

Creation of content

Once the visuals are in place, it’s time to create the written content for your site. Remember, the written content on your site helps with your site SEO and traffic, so this is one of the most important steps of the design process. If your site’s written content is weak in terms of SEO and information, then all your effort on a new web design may be for naught.

Creation of visual elements

This is where the visuals for the site are created. Page elements, color schemes, and logos are created in this part of the process. The visuals of a site are one of the first things a site visitor sees, so it’s important that these are done well.

Testing and launching

Once everything has been created and put in place, it’s time for testing. Test all links, loading time, and make sure that there are no errors. It’s important to make sure that everything is properly tested so that there are no issues when it comes to launching your site. Once that’s done, it’s time to launch your site. However, this doesn’t indicate that your work is over. Your Lakeland web design may need additional maintenance and updates even after its launch.