With a large number of DIY guides out these, it may seem like building a Lakeland web design yourself might be a good idea. While this seems more practical and could definitely save you money, you have to be on the lookout for some of the mistakes you might accidentally make if you choose to make your site’s design without the assistance of a professional web designer. Here are some of the mistakes commonly found on a DIY web design and how they can affect your site’s rankings.

It’s All Visual With No Structure

A company or business that chooses to DIY their web design often opts to go with a pre-made template, with makes it easier and less time consuming. The mistake found here, however, is choosing a design template that looks good, but lacks proper structure and is difficult to navigate. These types of templates are not functional at all, and will only hurt your site’s SEO and rankings.

Failing to Design for Your Target Audience

Another common mistake made by DIYers is that they tend to focus too much on making their design look visually pleasing, but failing to make the design appeal to their target audience. While your own personal preferences can be taken into account, your number one priority should be your customers, both potential and existing. Who is your target audience? Try to identify who your average customer would be, do some research, and your site design should reflect what appeals to them.

Lack of SEO Integration

Search Engine Optimization should be one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a web design. However, a many DIYers forget the importance of this, and fail to create a site design that effectively integrates SEO into it. This can affect your business negatively because SEO really helps your site be seen in search engines.

Your Site Fails to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Some business owners who choose to DIY their web design assume that all they need is a website for their business, and that’s that. However, this is wrong. You should never create or design a website without a clear cut goal in mind, otherwise, your Lakeland web design will have no direction during the creation process. Whether your goal for your site is conversion, customer engagement, or sales, your web design must reflect that, otherwise, you are just wasting time on a website.

Sometimes it is tempting to take matters into our own hands and create a web design by ourselves to save time and money. However, a professional web design service has more experience in the specifics that go into creating a web design that will benefit you and your business, which will ultimately earn back the money that you spent in the first place, and should be seen as a sound investment.