Mobile first has been the recent trend in Lakeland website design. So it comes as no surprise if you ever make the decision to establish a mobile online presence for your business. However, you will be faced with dilemma of making the decision of choosing between a responsive website that is adaptable, or a mobile application that can be downloaded by users on to their smartphones. It can be very easy to confuse the two, since the both of them are associated with mobile usage. The question here is, which platform is best for your business’ needs?
As we’ve mentioned before, it can be easy to confuse a mobile website and a mobile application. To clear things up, a mobile website is essentially, the mobile version of your website. The difference between your main site and its mobile version is that it has been specially designed to fit the smaller screen of your smartphone. Mobile applications on the other hand, are applications that are downloaded on to your phone through an online application store. The content is viewed through the application itself, as opposed to a mobile browser.
If you’re faced with the decision of choosing which platform is best suited for your company’s needs. It all boils down to what you hope to achieve with your mobile presence. For example, if your company produces games, then it makes sense to have a mobile application for your games. However, if you have a business that doesn’t deal with creating games or mobile products, then you might be unsure of having an app created for your business. It is important to remember that you should only have an app built for your business if your business can benefit from having an application aside from what can be seen and provided on your regular website.
An application must serve another purpose other than dispensing the same information that your main website can provide users. For example, for eCommerce sites, a mobile application can be utilized to provide easier access to your online shop and provide additional rewards to application users. Some companies’ products are their mobile applications, like Uber and Snapchat, which makes use entirely of the mobile application platform to deliver their products and services to users.
However, if your main website already contains all of the important information that your users and customers might need, then there is no need to develop a mobile application. A responsive website is all you’ll need to provide adequate mobile presence for your website. As long as your mobile website is fully optimized and responsive to different size screens, then your Lakeland website design is ready to go for mobile.