When it comes to marketing, digital marketing services are quickly becoming the default option to use for businesses, especially for small businesses. This can be mostly attributed to the fact that digital marketing is one of the most affordable, yet effective forms of marketing available on the market today.

It is also highly customizable and gives the business owner complete control over who can see the ads and who they should be marketing to. However, for many owners, particularly those with smaller businesses, their main concern is determining whether or not their digital marketing services are working out for their business website. Here are some ways that help you determine whether or not your digital marketing is working for your website.

Website traffic

Of course, website traffic is one of the first things that you have to check to determine whether or not your digital marketing is working for your business website. After all, how can you say your strategy is working if nobody is visiting your website? However, you have to remember to take into account the quality of the traffic that your website receives. We’ll be discussing the different kinds of traffic that your website can receive in the following points.

Type of website visitor

There are two main types of website visitor: new site visitors and returning website visitors. New visitors are visitors who have visited your website for the first time. Returning website visitors are repeat visitors who visit your website again and again. This is an important metric to keep track of because having a high number of repeat visitors indicates that your website has something of value that causes users to come back again and again. If you see that you’re only getting a majority of new visitors, you should look into your site and see what could be discouraging them from coming back.

Traffic from different channels

There are different types of traffic sources that direct to your website. Depending on your digital marketing strategies, you are most likely utilizing different channels to direct traffic to your website. Using various marketing tools, you can see which channel is giving your website the most amount of traffic. This is especially useful because this allows you to determine which channels are working effectively, and which ones aren’t working as well. This allows you to create a more targeted and specific marketing strategy to fall in line with your business needs.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates are one of the most significant metrics that you can use to determine the success rate of your digital marketing services. After all, the main goal of your website is conversions, so if you’re going well in terms of conversions, you should take a good look at your marketing strategy to see what might be causing the conversions that you’re currently seeing.