If you’ve been looking into having a site built or designed, then you’ve probably heard about the whole custom web design vs a templated one. Now, you might be tempted to go with a templated web design because of how much more affordable it is compared to a custom web design. And besides, if you get a good enough template, then nobody will be able to tell the difference. However, the comparisons between a custom site and a templated one run far deeper than aesthetic appeal. There are plenty of advantages that a custom web design can offer that you should take into consideration when looking into having your website designed.

A more personalized look that matches your brand

One of the biggest advantages that a custom web design provides your business is the opportunity to create a more personalized look for your website. Consistency is very important to business, and if your site doesn’t match your branding, then this might cause some problems for you, business-wise. Having a custom design allows you to match your site’s look to your brand, which customers and users will appreciate. Everything on the site design can be specified according to your company’s branding, from the logo, the color scheme, to the individual elements and content on the site.

More control and flexibility

Another big advantage that a custom design has is the fact that you have more control over your site. If you need to update or change something because it needs to reflect some changes in your business, this can be done with not difficulty whatsoever. You can also change the look to reflect the current trends observed in the web design industry with very little effort.


A big thing that template users overlook when avoiding a custom web design is the fact that on a custom design, you have the opportunity to work on your site’s SEO at the same time. You can customize your entire website to reflect the industry standards of SEO. Whether it’s adding meta information to the pages, alt text to images, or optimizing your site’s load speed, all of these can be worked on no sweat on a customized site design.

Better navigation and user experience

The main problem with a templated design is how rigid the designs are. Your ability to change things is very limited, and this is going to be an issue if you’re looking to work on your site’s navigation and user experience. A custom web design doesn’t have that issue. You can freely work on improving your site’s navigation and UX without worrying about hurting the look of the template with your edits.