Companies are constantly looking for ways to make their custom web design stand out from the rest of the competition. While strong SEO helps draw users to your websites, it cannot do the job alone. You need to reach audiences by providing unique and interesting content. So, how can you make your site more memorable and unique?

Write creative bios

One of the ways to reach out to your market is by introducing the rest of the team members and not just the company. Get creative in writing your employees’ biographies. You can tell a story about them or link to their Spotify playlist for the audience to get to know them better.

Show relatable and likable videos

A video will give personality to your brand. Your company can instantly become likable and relatable to potential customers by showing relevant video content. You can post the content on the homepage so it’s the first thing that your customers will see. You can measure the success of the video by the number of comments, shares, and likes it receives.

Provide inspiration and insight

Instead of always hard selling (or even soft selling) to your web visitors, you can also provide content that will simply give them an insight into your company and your goals. You can post inspirational messages or mood boards. These will make prospective clients want to work with you.

Keep your website updated

Keeping your website current is an important component of running and managing a business. Your website is the ideal place to showcase your past products, your experiences in the industry, and your unique problem-solving skills. You can simply host a blog page where you can sound off and provide fresh content to your audience. You don’t always have to keep updating the product range or the lineup of services that you offer, but you need fresh content on a weekly basis.

Don’t use stock photos

Your custom web design should have unique written content and unique media content. Stock photos are a plain and generic way to introduce your company. Showcase your company by providing them with actual photos of your work process, the office space, and even your employees. This will personalize the business.

Make the website about your customers

Your custom web design should not be about your business and its goals. It should be about what your business can do for the customers. Use case studies, success stories, and examples of how you can help enrich your customers’ lives.