Not all Lakeland web design companies publish their rates online. After all, in the field of web design, there is not one formula to follow when it comes to cost. There are a variety of elements and factors that need to be taken into consideration when pricing a web design project. That makes it hard for clients to shop around and get a good deal, however. If you want a web design for your business, you will have to ask for an estimation or a quotation and that means explaining to the web designer what your website is all about.

For others, that’s a complete waste of time—spending hours to talk with a web designer and explain what the functions, style, and requirements of your potential website are. However, if you want to get a good deal and not waste your money on web designers who have no idea what they are doing, you have to invest your time in finding the right project manager.

Here are the things that affect the costs of designing a website:

The experience of the web designer

Experienced web designer tends to be a tad more expensive than newbies. If you are working with a limited budget, you may want to find fresh college graduates or even current college students who are doing this on the side. Experienced and professional web designers charge by the hour or per project, depending on the magnitude of what you’re asking from them.

The size of the website

How many web pages will there be? For many web designers, each webpage of your Lakeland web design will cost an additional fee. If you’re planning to have a website with multiple pages, then you have to ready your wallet because that won’t come cheap. Want to save? Consider a one-page layout website.

The site’s functionality

What will be the primary function of the website? Is it an e-commerce store? If it is, it will be more expensive because it involves more security layers, more web pages, more images, etc. The website will also be live and not static. It will constantly change to update the items being sold, as well as the quantity available.

The type of design

If your Lakeland web design is going to be minimalistic, it will be cheaper compared to others. A simple layout will mean a shorter time for the web designer to finish the job. Responsive websites, those that “respond” to the changes in screen resolutions (mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc.) will cost more but this is an important component that you must not scrimp on.

The number of people involved

How many are going to work on your website? Do you need a content writer? The more people involved in making and building the site, the higher the pricing would be. If you are good with writing and know a bit about SEO, you should simply let the designer finish the “design” aspect of the job and then take over the content creation.