The most effective website design will be user-friendly, have a steady flow of targeted leads, and will continue to make sales. But before agreeing to a design, you need first to consider a few important things in terms of the goals of the website, the target customers, and the amount of traffic you can get to your website.

What are the goals of the website?

Is it an e-commerce website? Is the goal of your website to make sales or to disseminate information? Before deciding the kind of design you want for your site, you have to first define the goals of the site. Knowing this information will guide you in choosing the elements your site needs.

Who are the target customers?

Who is your market? Who is the audience of your website and what is their demographics? What kind of lifestyle do they have? You have to set up your website according to how your customers are browsing the information and deciding when to purchase.

How will I drive traffic to the website?

Are you going to use social media to drive visitors to your website? If you are, then you need to include social media buttons on your website so your visitors can share the link on their Facebook accounts. Are you going to use a blog to provide information to your customers? Then, you need to find a content writer who can fill the pages with information. But the design of the web pages is also critical. This means that the content has to be readable (by using the proper typeface) and the overall look of the page has to be easy on the eyes (by using whitespace).

Who is going to update the website and how often?

There should be a point person who will be tasked to update the information on the website and check the loading speed of the site, as well as the other aspects of the site’s elements. What would be the schedule of this maintenance and how often would the site be updated? What elements of the website design need to be updated? The schedule should be set and the person on duty should follow this schedule strictly.

How much will website maintenance or updates cost?

The maintenance and cost of the website should be part of the budget. You will either have someone on retainer to check the website regularly or you can do it by yourself by learning the basics online or through a short academic course. The maintenance of the website will prevent further problems in the future.