Back in the day, our parents probably sent us to the nearest preschool where our house is located. That process changed today when more parents are looking for special features and activities that make a preschool a standout. If you are in the business of running or managing a preschool, your business will better prosper by familiarizing yourself with Lakeland marketing strategies that aim to boost your school’s brand and at the same time, provide information that will be valuable in influencing a parent’s decision.


More than any other industry, schools are highly dependent on testimonials and reviews. A school’s credibility and reputation can greatly increase by what other parents think of it. Can you just imagine sending your kid to a school you haven’t even read a single review about?

With plenty of blogs written by moms that enumerate the pros and cons of these preschools, you will never lack for information. A preschool should use these testimonials to highlight the school’s positive factors. These testimonials should be posted on the school’s website, on social media, and on various other platforms and marketing materials.


Do you know how influential video production is? People spend more time watching YouTube videos than they do reading a book or even watching a television show. Whenever they need information about something, what they instantly look for is a video that can explain this to them.

Visuals act as magnets to your target audience. Include a video on your website or your social media feed and people are bound to check them out. Videos are great for your site’s SEO, too. Google rates your site based on its content and videos will help you rank higher.

Out-of-school activities

How can the local community know about your school if you are not part of its fabric? There are many activities that happen in your area. Go and be a part of these activities. You can either sponsor an activity or participate in one.

Make sure that there’s a booth there where parents and prospective enrollees can go to if they need more information about your preschool. When you are a part of a local community, you have a better chance of getting the support of its members.

Not maximizing Lakeland marketing strategies is probably the one thing that always goes wrong in any business. Make sure there is a dedicated marketing team that will execute these strategies properly with an aim in the right direction.