By now, you should know how critical a great Orlando web design is for your business. There’s no ifs or buts when it comes to the importance of having a website. You need a website, whether you’re not just realizing it or you have been running one for the past years.

Business owners argue that they are not tech-savvy enough to run a website. They say they don’t have the money for it or that they don’t know how to maintain it or that their business doesn’t need one because they don’t market to millennials or Generation Z. News flash: even baby boomers check out the internet before they buy anything on the web. That’s how consumerism is now. Consumers rely on great their experience is when browsing your site before they give in to the temptation of buying one of your products.

Customers Want and Expect It

Your customers expect you to have a website and eCommerce site if you’re a retail business. Approximately 50% of mobile searches are conducted to find information and products. Of those searches, 61% will result in a purchase. This is what you’re missing out on when your business does not have a website or an eCommerce website. When potential customers search for your name on Google, they expect to see a website, whether you’re selling products or simply providing information. If they don’t see a website, they might think that your business is a scam.

Websites Are Easier to Manage

A decade ago, it is almost impossible for small businesses to own a website. You would’ve to hire a web designer, developer, and someone else to maintain the website. In-house teams are expensive because not only do you have to compensate them, but you’ll have to offer benefits such as life and health insurance policies, too. Today, creating, designing, and developing a website is easier than ever. There are tons of templates online. There are tutorial videos that you can follow. And lastly, there are Orlando web design agencies whose services you can avail.

Advertising Gets Cheaper

If you own a website, your Orlando web design is going to be the one to advertise your business. In today’s world, your website is the face of your business. It is also the backbone of your digital marketing campaigns. Through search engine optimization and onsite optimization, your business has a better chance of reaching its target market.