White is an interesting and tricky color to work into your Lakeland website design because of how simple it is, as well as how open it is to interpretation. Especially when using it as a background color, you have to be very careful about the colors that you use on it. White is an excellent complementing color, especially when used right.
Otherwise, you may end up with a web design that people find difficult to interpret and navigate. However, when used right, you can achieve minimalism, which is a popular web design trend nowadays, as well as use it to emphasize other aspects for your web design.
When working with white in design, web or otherwise, it’s important to understand that there are other hues of white that can complement your site design better than simple, plain white. It may seem like the typical running gag of picking out different types of white when they seem like they’re all the same color, but in reality, stark white may be too harsh a color on the eye. Other colors like ivory, eggshell, cream, and pearl are shades of white that may work well as web design background shades, depending on the colors you plan on using.
If you’re using white as a web design background, understand its potential for creating an interesting contrast between the main elements of your site. Remember that not only should your font be a darker color, such as black or dark blue, but your images must mesh well with the white background. Using light colors like pink or yellow on a white background is just asking for trouble, and users will have difficulty picking out the individual elements on your page, if you go with that type of color scheme.
Another thing to note when working with white backgrounds is the emphasis on simplicity of design. Avoid using overly complex images and typography, as this has the tendency to crowd the design, defeating the purpose of the white background. Because of the focus on minimalism, every element you use will be brought to light, so consider each element you choose to use in your design, and cut out any element that is unnecessary.
To keep in line with the theme of minimalism, plenty of space must be given to the different elements to allow for more space to breathe, so to speak. Clutter is the worst enemy of any white Lakeland website design, so make sure that you account for extra space around the images and text.