Lakeland web designContent is now being considered as the most important element in a Lakeland web design, and rightfully so. Content gives perspectives not only to the client, but to the website owner as well. It tells them what topics visitors are most interested in, and what his/her company has been up to from years ago through the archives.

Thanks to technology and the ever-developing WordPress (the most used CMS), there are many plugins that web designers and managers can use. Creating and editing content through WordPress is virtually painless and even a five-year-old can do it, but these plugins will help manage your content better. It will also make visiting your site an amazing experience.

Duplicate Post

This can duplicate and clone a whole page with a click of your keyboard. It will create the exact page with the layout and the formatting. It will then make it easy for you to edit out the content and add new ones. Most of the time, clients need the exact layout of an existing webpage on the same site. With Duplicate Post, this has become possible without needing to go through the whole process again.

TinyMCE Advanced

Although the WordPress content editor is topnotch, it is very basic with very simple functions. Usually writers who have no prior knowledge of HTML and CSS are given access to the website backend. The default WordPress content editor is useful, but end users sometimes need more—like adding horizontal lines, anchor links, subscript and the superscript tags. The TinyMCE Advanced makes editing easier by adding a lot of these functions and options.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

Are you familiar with the Dreamweaver? This looks similar to that. Some WordPress themes are only editable through the HTML. The default view of HTML is rather plain, making it hard to re and determine if what you’re typing is right. the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter adds syntax highlighting and colors to make the editor easier to read.

Admin Post Navigation

This plugin adds a “previous” and “next” button on the editor. Instead of having to go back to the main list of posts and pages, the editor can simply click on previous or next if he/she wants to transfer to the next post. It’s a huge time saver, especially if your connection is not cooperating that well.

Media Library Assistant

This works best if the media library contains a massive number of uploads. When you add a new website under the WordPress CMS, you may need to reupload some of the same images you want to use. This plugin will allow you to search for the photo, provided you know the exact filename under which you saved it to.