Was it only a decade ago when we’re constantly bombarded by billboards, posters, streamers, and newspaper and magazine ads? Are those days gone? Although we can still see some remnants of traditional Lakeland marketing strategies, almost all have gone digital now and businesses—from small enterprises to large conglomerates—have their eyes focused on internet marketing.

But traditional advertising and marketing methods still have a lot of fight in them. It’s all about knowing who you are marketing to. If you are marketing to the millennials, they would most likely want to receive promotional materials through emails, text messages, and social media posts. But if your target market is the baby boomers of the even the elder millennials or Generation X, you may have a pretty good chance at using traditional Lakeland marketing strategies.


Broadcast is still an effective medium, both for products and services. Even some millennials and Gen Z are still tuning in on television and radio. You could target a small percentage of these sectors. Although broadcasting commercials on television and radio tend to be on the expensive side, you can utilize the same ones on your official YouTube channels. You can reuse the commercials and upload it on your website, too.

Direct Mail

Direct mail creates awareness for your products and services through postcards, letters, brochures, newsletters, and fliers sent directly to your customers’ addresses. It has a direct effect on your target market as these fliers are often browsed through. A well-written newsletter, for example, can attract the interest of your target market. To save on postage stamps, you can hire a newspaper boy to drop the materials to specific addresses.


Even in the modern age of the internet and social media, the referral system is still in heavy use. It is effective and it is cheap. You only have to persuade your existing customers to refer their network of friends and family to your business. For every successful referral, you can provide a small token of appreciation—a discount or reward points.


Believe it or not, people still buy magazines and newspapers. The option to have your advertisements printed in magazines and newspapers should still be something you consider for your business. Again, get to know your audience first and the media outlet. You want to choose a magazine or newspaper that has a steady following. You wouldn’t want to waste your money and resources on a media outfit that has a very small readership.