Making the choice to have a Lakeland web design built for a business is an important, but intimidating one. In many ways, your business site will be the very first thing that your target audience will see when they look up your business. Because of this, it’s important that you put enough work and resources into this to help make sure that it succeeds in what you want it to accomplish. 

With all of the thought and work you put into it, it can be very frustrating if you see that your website design isn’t’ generating the results that you expected. If this is something that you’re dealing with, you shouldn’t give up on it right away. Here are some of the reasons why your Lakeland web design isn’t generating leads and what you can do about it. 

No calls to action

Many people tend to overlook the calls to action on their website designs because it does not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of their website’s design and development. However, keep in mind that the calls to action in your website design and content are meant to guide the users to the conversion process, which turns into leads. 

Without effective calls to action, your users will not know what to do when they’ve reached the end of your site design and end up leaving without doing anything. Learn to design your site to guide your users through the conversion process with a combination of your website and calls to action.

Poor user experience and navigation

In many ways, your website design acts as the online front for your business. In the same way that users form an impression of your business when they pull up to your physical storefront, they make the same kind of impressions when they load up your website and browse it for the very first time. 

First impressions are essential if you’re looking to get your users to stay on your website and remain a loyal customer to you and your business. However, if you fail to implement effective user experience and navigation on your website, you give off the impression that you don’t care enough about your users to make their browsing experience a comfortable one. 

A lack of quality content

Content is king is a common saying in Lakeland web design and this is still a relevant one today. While your site design is important for the visuals and initial impact, you need quality content to provide something of substance to your audience. Without quality content, your website design is simply an empty site that does not efffectively represent your business.