So, your website may already exist as a beautiful and cohesive presence on the internet. It may automatically make you think you should use Photoshop and other digital tools to make changes to it. But this is where you may get it wrong. Even professionals still use the old pencil and paper to plan the Tampa web design. Seeing your plans in paper is a great way to correct any imbalance in the design.

Important Phase

You have to map out the structure and design of your site. There is no better way to do it than by using a pencil and paper to draw it by hand. You can also put down some of your ideas on paper so you won’t lose them by the time you have the chance to draw them up.

No one needs to see this plan but you. If you have to present the plan to a client, convert it into a digital format. Use photoshop to create the layout of the website. The wireframing (your doodles) is going to be your basis for the final web design plan.

Saves Times

It is much easier to adjust parameters and change the layout and design elements when it’s on paper or when you’re using your tablet and digital pen. It takes time to change the dimensions of a layout via a digital tool. Even changing the colors will take a few seconds. When roughly planning the design, you’ll probably go with doodles and sketches. Time is of the essence, too, because you may lose the idea you already have in mind.

Reference in Hand

The sketch or doodle will act as a reference for your Tampa web design. You’ll build each web page easily when you already have a reference in hand. It will guide you in the coding of the website. You will have an idea in your mind how it looks like. It is also easier to compare the output to the original layout you planned when you can see a rough plan of it on paper.

A mix of traditional and modern methods is always in order when you plan a Tampa web design or redesign. You have to maximize the benefits of each method of planning and designing. Traditional methods should not die. They work for a reason. So, get that pencil and paper ready and start sketching and doodling your web design ideas.