Offering a free consultation meeting with a potential client might get you the business you need without realizing it. If you cannot do a face-to-face meeting, you can do the consultation for Lakeland web design online—either through email or through an inquiry form on your website.

The importance of this first meeting cannot be emphasized enough. This meeting will help clarify the scope and limitations of the project, as well as reveal any potential issues that the clients might have in the future.

Knowing What The Client Wants and Expects

The first meeting will tell you what the client wants and expects from you. This will help you gauge whether the requirements for the project is something you can fulfill. This will also allow you to identify how much time you would need to finish and complete the project. Without this first step, you might be getting into something that you’re not necessarily trained to do so.

Explaining The Fees and Contract

The meeting will also give you a chance to explain your current rates, as well as the inclusions in the contract. Since the contract is the most important piece of paper between a client and a web designer, you should take the time and effort to discuss it with any potential clients. This also allows the clients to question certain provisions, have some items eliminated (which is subject to the consent of the web designer), and ask for a few concessions to be included in the contract.

Responding to Requests and Demands

Prospective clients should make their requests during the first meeting. This is to give the web designer the chance to grant or deny the request. Is the client requesting for a routine maintenance check every week until he hires someone to do it or learns how to do it himself? Can the web designer allow that? It is always better to grant or deny requests in person because there will be fewer misunderstandings compared to talking with clients on the phone or through social media.

Setting the Right Expectations

Finally, the meeting will set the right expectations from your clients. Instead of them building up all these expectations in their heads, you can tell them personally what will come out of the Lakeland web design based on the agreement that you had. High expectations that are not even in the contract of a client-service provider are always the cause of misunderstandings in the end. A consultation meeting will give both parties a chance to clear the air and set the right expectations from the start.