Owning your very own website and Lakeland web design is a little like being an artist presented with a completely blank canvas. Your website is your opportunity to show the world what your business is all about, and don’t you want to make it look as great as possible? It might be tempting to deck out your website with flashy designs and cool features, like a playlist that autoplays when you open the website. However, this is the age of minimalism in web design, and it’s working great for plenty of websites. That’s right, simple is now the way to go for your web design, and for very good reason. Here are some reasons why a simple Lakeland web design is the best decision for your website.

It gets your point across better

The main reason why simple web design is preferred by online users and website owners is that it manages to get the point of your website across better than a complicated website would. Remember that the primary goal of any website is site conversions, and your entire website is supposed to be designed with the intent to convert. Having a complicated web design may only cause distractions to your users and customers, to the point where they are unable to convert, which is the last thing you want.

Simple is timeless

Web design trends come and go, and at times, it may be quite difficult to keep up with the shift in trends. However, with a simple web design for your website, you are implementing a more timeless look for your site, which makes it easier to keep up with the shift in trends. It’s much easier to maintain a simple web design over a complicated one, and a simple web design always looks like it can belong in any era, no matter what the current design trends are.

It’s better for your analytics

Simple web design also means that it is easier to implement certain features that will help you significantly with your website’s stats and analytics. For example, one of the crucial stats that you should be paying attention to on your website is your website’s bounce rate. A higher bounce rate can be caused by a slower site load time, which is not what users want. Simple web design makes it easier to cut down on elements that might cause a slower load time for your site, which will improve your site’s bounce rate. Simple Lakeland web design will also do wonders for your other site stats, like your conversion rate and your SEO strategy.