In a nutshell, infographics intend to make a particular topic easier to understand by using patterns and trends. These are visual representations of information and data that show the connection among various elements. They improve the understanding of a concept or topic. If you have seen infographics on a Tampa web design, then it means that website is trying its best to send the right message across its audience.

Today, the topic that is on everyone’s lips is about the coronavirus. While the world awaits when it can open its doors to the new normal, infographics about the Covid-19 pandemic are abound on the internet. You’ll find them mostly on social media, where people spend time updating themselves about the latest news on the virus.


Infographics usually use colors, bold text, pictures, animation, and content that naturally draw the eye. They are more attractive than paragraphs after paragraphs of text. They are easier to decipher than videos. They are less time-consuming and that makes them the favorite of social media users.


People rarely stay on one web page to absorb content. They usually browse through feeds without bothering to read posts and the accompanying text. But with infographics on your page, web users are more likely to stop and pay attention.


The best thing about infographics is that they are shareable. They always come with an embed code. The infographics you found on one website can be reposted on yours (provided that this is allowed by the original creator). It can also be shared on social media. Different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have hundreds of thousands of infographics on them. These are some of the most popular web content. They always have the potential to go viral.


Infographics are great for SEO. Google will rank your web page better when there are infographics on it. Why? Search engines rank a web page based on web traffic, clicks, shares, engagement, and the like. When there are infographics on your page, there is a higher percentage that search engines will notice it and rank it higher on the results.


A 500-word article can be simplified and streamlined into a cohesive infographic. This saves space on printed materials and the Tampa web design. You don’t have to provide much space for an infographic because it usually eats up less than half of the page that a 500-word blog post needs.