Whenever you browse a website, you leave something of yourself on that website. Cookies store crucial information that shows your preferences. When you fill-up a form on the internet, the data you input there will be stored somewhere. Every inquiry you make will form part of your persona on the web. That’s why a Tampa web design must give importance to web security above any other elements.

About 28% of Americans have fallen victim to cybercrime. Either them or someone they know has been hacked, lost data, or had their identities stolen. Around 60% of Americans have also been victimized by fraudulent schemes on the internet. Many of these victims have gotten their personal information stolen. A big percentage of them have also been victims of financial hacking.

Web security should be front and center of every website from their design to their development and building. Web developers store crucial information about the website and the company when they build the site. Hackers can get into these accounts and steal important information that should be used solely by the web designer and developer. They can steal company images, logos, statements, and codes. They can use these to build a similar-looking website to fool people into thinking that it is the legitimate one.

Once the website is live, you should be extra careful about its security certificates. Not only are customers going to look for that padlock symbol and HTTPS, but you are also responsible for the personal and financial information they will leave on the site. You must make sure that this information won’t fall in the hands of cybercriminals. You should build trust between your company and the customers. Only then will they trust you enough to have you store information about their buying preferences.

Remember that your customers trusted you enough to leave their name, shipping address, contact number, and credit card information on your website. They trust that you will do your part in protecting this data from falling to the hands of unscrupulous individuals. This trust will push these customers to be loyal to your store and to come back and purchase more items.

It isn’t that hard to secure your website. Just buy an SSL certificate to make sure all information is encrypted. Limit the number of people who have access to the information your buyers leave, too. The Tampa web design must also accommodate tools, widgets, and security certificates necessary to keep all information safe.