When we think we have a great Orlando web design, that will make us falsely believe that we deserve to get a boost in web traffic. But how well your website is performing isn’t always simply about picking the right color and theme for your website. It’s more than that. Web traffic is determined by much more than how well your website is designed.

The fact that you have a beautifully designed website is just step one. The next step is to make sure people know about it and see it. How do you expect to see your web traffic performance increase if you don’t market your website URL? How will people know about your website if you don’t go out there to share a link to it? A great website is not just something that looks good on your screen. It’s something that helps you make sales. If it is not doing that, then it is not a great website.

So, why is your site not getting the web traffic it deserves?

You Are Not Sharing It

Do you have a social media profile for your business? You don’t? Then clearly, that is a reason why no one is noticing your site. They don’t know about it! Go out there and invite your target market to visit your website. Post the URL of your website prominently on your social media pages. When people check out your profiles, your website link is one of the first things that they should see.

You Are Not Using Relevant Keywords

Millions of people are looking to buy one thing or another on the internet. They are using keywords that could lead them to your website. If you are not using relevant keywords on your site, you are missing out on a lot of potential sales. Keywords are a major player for your website to get noticed. If you want to outperform your competitors, you have to make use of relevant keywords on your website.

You Are Not Optimizing It for Search Engines

Optimizing your website means using meta tags, the right photos, cleaning the backend, and speeding up its loading time. These are some of the reasons why some websites do better than others. It’s science. Search engines will crawl your Orlando web design for information that will make it believe your site is credible. The backend is the perfect place to make sure that search engines will index your site.