Have you noticed that in recent years, we have seemed to be fond of dark mode as an Orlando web design? The followship for dark mode design is so strong that many websites now offer a night mode function for users. If you want to view the website in dark mode, all you have to do is toggle that feature to on. Apparently, dark mode offers a vastly different experience than conventional web design. Is it true and why has this become so popular in recent years?

Web designers actually use this design to attract customers. They believe that dark-mode websites are more attractive to users. Furthermore, a recent survey showed that web users prefer dark mode and dark theme user interfaces over conventional web designs.

But what made it so popular in recent years and why are we adopting this design on our websites?

Tech Giants

Google is the number-one purveyor of dark theme interfaces. Other major tech giants are following in Google’s footsteps. If you visit their websites, many of them use dark mode interfaces. Big names including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Apple, and Samsung all have black theme options. And since these companies cater to the majority of the urban-tech population, it only means their audience responds to this theme well.

Coders and Developers

Forget about the tech giants and web users. Coders and developers have been using the dark theme since time immemorial. They write their codes in this interface. It is possible that they were the ones who influenced this transition to the dark theme, too. It’s easier for their eyes when they are coding a huge amount of data and design. In fact, according to a recent survey, 70% of developers use this design when writing codes.


When it comes to health, dark text on a white background is preferred by eye specialists. Dark mode causes the eyes’ pupil to grow in size. It requires more effort to focus on things. It’s also especially uncomfortable for people with astigmatism, a condition that affects almost 33% of the US population. However, dark mode is preferable for people reading in low-light conditions, as well as for those who don’t like to read long chunks of text.

Eye Strain

Although it is healthier to read dark text on a white background, the experience is often aggravating for some because they do this all-day-long. It results in digital eye strain, which means that by the time people want to browse their social media pages on their mobile phones, their eyes are looking to rest on a dark background. This is why you will find many social media platforms also offering the dark mode in Orlando web design.